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My Favorite Books

 I love to read.  Below are some of the books I have enjoyed over the years.  

 1)   Becoming – Michelle Obama – This book really showed what “regular” people the Obamas were. Mrs. Obama came from lower-middleclass family.  Through natural talent, hard work, and family support, she achieved greatness in her own right.

2)   The Road – Cormac McArthy – This is the story of a father and son’s journey in a post-apocalyptic world.  It is strangely written without names or punctuation.  It highlights the father’s love for his son.  

3)   Fall of Giants (Trilogy) – Ken Follett – Love historical fiction.  These stories follow the trials and tribulations of multiple families through multiple generations.

4)   Dry - Neal & Jarrod Shusterman - This is the story of the water taps running dry in Los Angeles & Orange County. It is based around some young adults surviving together in search of water.

5)   Origins – Dan Brown – This is the story of artificial intelligence.  This is an interest of mine as it will have great societal impacts.  I believe we need to be thinking about those impacts and possible solutions now.

Broncos 2018 7k Race in Fort Collins, CO

Broncos 2018 7k Race in Fort Collins, CO


I took up running a few years ago.  I’m not fast and don’t go far, but I enjoy the challenge that running presents.  It requires great physical as well as mental strength.  It also allows me time to get outside and enjoy nature.

I love to read.  My favorite types of book are historical fiction and non-fiction / biography. 

I am really interested in genealogy.  I think it ties in with my interest in history.  When my mom passed away, I inherited “the boxes”.  Inside these boxes were photographs, letters, and artifacts, many dated from the 1800s.  I cherish these items.  I would often stare at these photos, imagining what life was like for the people in them.  What were their interests?  What was their profession?  I have been able to connect with distant cousins and share family information.  If you want to get me talking, just ask about my family tree, specifically my 3rdgreat-grandfather, Timothy Broadman Robinson.

What Others Say About Me

About a year ago I went through a process of self-reflecting. Curious to see the perception others had of me, I reached out to friends, colleagues, and family asking for 3 words that describe me.


CliftonStrengths Results

As an exercise for the Windsor Town Board, we participated in the CliftonStrengths to determine our top 5 personality strengths to better learn about each other.  Below are my top 5 based on the CliftonStrengh survey.

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