Experience Matters


I am committed to public service. I have served on the Windsor Town Board for eight years and work remotely as a billing analyst for a company in California.  Based on my experiences in elected office & business, I believe that I am the most qualified candidate to represent District 3 on the Larimer County Board of Commissioners.  I understand municipal and private industry budgets.  I also know how important customer service and listening to others is.

My experience on the Windsor Town Board matters.  In Larimer County, we’re not just a collection of individual cities and towns. We need a Board of County Commissioners who have the experience, knowledge, and skills to work collaboratively with the surrounding municipalities and the entire Northern Colorado area from Day 1. If I’m elected, that’s exactly what I’ll do.

I believe in listening, collaboration, and pragmatism.  

  • Experience

    • Windsor Town Board (2012 – 2020)

      • Mayor Pro Tem (2014 – 2018)

    • Billing Analyst (1995 – Present)

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Economics – University of Southern California

    • Masters of Business Administration – University of Redlands



I like to listen and I’m good at it.  It allows me to learn and be contemplative.  I don’t believe I have all the answers, but I will listen and learn ... and at the end of the day, we may not agree, but you will know that I heard you.

I believe that I am different than I was yesterday.  I constantly change as I have new life experiences and meet new people.

I take a pragmatic approach to local government.  I don’t think our ultimate vision should get in the way of the steps to get there. 

I believe that the best results come through collaboration.  I have been part of this approach throughout the Northern Colorado region.  I have participated in many regional collaborations including as Windsor’s alternate to the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (4 years), Northern Colorado Regional Tourism Authority, quarterly leadership breakfasts, and the Regional Task Force on Larimer County Infrastructure Funding.  I find that the relationships I’ve built through my work with these groups has led to solutions on issues outside of their intended subject.  

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges” – Isaac Newton

Windsor Town Board

There is something special about serving the people on the town board.  I enjoy being their voice at the table and asking tough questions.  I listen to everyone’s opinion and do my best to represent everyone.  We don’t always agree, but there is mutual respect and appreciation.


I bring a unique perspective to local government.  I work remotely for a small business in California.  I understand the importance of clients and keeping them happy. I have a BA in Economics from the University of Southern California (1995) and a MBA from the University of Redlands (2000).  I have been on the Windsor Town Board since 2012 and served as Mayor Pro-Tem for 4 years.


Commitment to Service - Proven Track Record

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Experience Matters