My Priorities


Policy Goals

  • Workforce Housing

  • Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation & Management

  • Regional Water Collaboration & Leadership

  • Transportation

  • Open Space & Trails


Experience Open Space

 Our beautiful and well-maintained open space, natural areas, and trails attract many people to Larimer County.  This is evidenced by the sales tax that was passed in 1995 to support it.  We must continue to work strategically to acquire and maintaining open space.  In addition, we should look to maintain open space buffers between communities.

 My Experience Acquiring & Maintining Open Space:

·     Town Board Liaison to the Tree Board (2018 - )

·     Town Board Liaison to the Parks Recreation and Culture Advisory Board (2012 – 2014 / 2016 – 2018)

·     Trails Master Plan Committee (October 2013 – May 2014)

·     Advocated for early construction of Coyote Ridge Park

·     Advocated for trail connectivity throughout Windsor 

·     Support maintaining Kyger Pit land near River Bluffs as open space.

Experience Public Safety

Public safety is imperative to our county, but public safety is not only about arresting and holding people. It also includes prevention, emergency management (outreach, preparedness, and mitigation), wildland fire management, and disaster recovery.  I support the recently launched mental health co-responder program.

We know all too well the devastating effects of fires and floods. Climate change will likely bring more severe disasters. Larimer County must be prepared to face this new reality.

 My Experience with Public Safety:

·     Windsor chosen as safest community in Colorado

·     Support Co-Responder Program

·     Support modernizing jail to ensure a safe environment for employees, officers, and inmates. Full expansion of the jail should go to the voters for bond approval.


Experience Infrastructure

Planning for and maintaining quality infrastructure is a basic function of local government.  As Larimer County grows, we must continue to find safe and efficient ways for us to get to work, get goods delivered, and get our children to school.  We must look at alternatives to everyone simply driving wherever they need to go. I believe Larimer County can be a leading voice in bringing groups together to address our transportation needs throughout the region.  In addition, water is equally important.  While Larimer County is not a water provider, I believe the Commissioners can still play a role.  Much like a leader in regional transportation, Larimer County can bring various stakeholders together and lead a regional effort so we can secure water for our future as well as keep our agricultural heritage.


My Experience with Local Infrastructure:

·     Graduate of Water Literate Leaders course (2019)

·     North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (July 2014 – April 2018) – Attended meetings as Windsor’s Alternate representative

·     Windsor Water & Sewer Board Liaison (2014 – 2016)

·     Advocated for transportation funding throughout Windsor

o  Crossroads expansion & roundabout

o  New Liberty Road construction

o  CR 5 & SH 392 intersection expansion (2019 / 2020)

Windsor Severance Fire District serves parts of Larimer County

Windsor Severance Fire District serves parts of Larimer County


Experience Fiscal Responsibility

 Just like we manage our personal budgets, government officials must properly manage taxpayer money.  I have extensive experience with government budgets including both operational and capital improvement.  In Windsor, we have been able manage the daily operational budget and also plan for the future needs of a growing community through a five-year capital improvement budget.  The county must maintain reserves in preparation of the next natural disaster.

My Experience with Fiscal Responsibility

  • $76,847,812.00 2019 Town of Windsor Budget

  • 20+ years managing private sector budgets including forecasts and variance & trend analysis.  I prepare client reports and reviewed with executive management.

  • Build Public Works facility without raising taxes or issuing debt (bonds)

  • Supported sales tax increase to fund recreation center expansion.  Construction tax goes away once bonds are paid off and operations tax continues so as not to burden future boards with unexpected costs.

  • Supported increase in development fees to make sure new development pays its fair share.


Experience Collaboration

I believe that our greatest results and accomplishments come from working together in a collaborative manner, whether that is working with a group of 7 on the Town Board and working with other municipalities.  Transportation, housing, and water are issues that the county can show leadership not by delivering on these services, but by bringing stakeholders together to discover the best solutions and influence outcomes.  

My Experience with Collaboration

·     Alternate to North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (July 2014 – April 2018)

·     Member of Regional Task Force on Regional Transportation Infrastructure Funding Strategies

·     Participated in quarterly leadership meetings as Mayor Pro Tem

·     I25 / SH 392 Interchange – Revised Intergovernmental Agreement with Fort Collins

·     Worked with Greeley on shared Broadband study

·     Work with multiple stakeholder groups to complete budget reconciliations

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Experience Matters